Project name SHARK
Weight 6 000 kg
Length 7 m
Height 2,16 m
Width 2,7 m
No. of parts 2 200
Production time 5 weeks


Shark from the hands of the KASPER company and sculptor Gabriel

Seven meters long, weighing six tons and definitely extraordinary. Meet the shark or, to be exact, its stainless sculpture that originated in KASPER KOVO. The author is the sculptor Michal Gabriel. In co-operation with him, a model was created using 3D technology to create the sculpture itself. The shark is now exhibited at the NordArt Sculpture Symposium in Germany.

The monumental shark sculpture is made of stainless steel material frequently used by KASPER KOVO. Laser was used to cut 2,200 ten-millimetre stainless steel segments which are connected according to the design to form a marine animal. Thanks to the automation of some manufacturing processes, KASPER KOVO workers worked on the job for about two weeks. Creating the design itself with the use of SolidWorks 3D programme took much longer.

Sculptor Gabriel has been working with Rudolf Kasper for three years. In the past, Gabriel, in co-operation with KASPER, has already created several statues. So when Rudolf Kasper saw Gabriel's shark sculpture at one exhibition, the decision to start on another joint work was instant. They made an agreement and started working on the original shark.

At KASPER, shark has also become a symbol of teamwork. KASPER CZ produced the boxing for the safe transport of the sculpture and KASPER TS transported it to the exhibition location in Büdelsdorf, Germany.

If an investor is found at the German worldwide symposium, the shark will be sold. However, if the sculpure does not sell, it will return to KASPER Trutnov and a decision of its new location will be made.


Shark 3D Model