Hiring process

The new employee hiring process is managed by the HR manager, who will discuss the suitability of the individual candidates with the manager of the section the applicant applied for, according to the following criteria:

Required documents:

Based on this comprehensive documentation, the relevant line manager together with the HR manager invite an applicant for an interview and further practical testing of an applicant. An applicant is informed about the result of the interview within the agreed time frame (remains in close contact with the HR manager).

A successful applicant shall go through an entry health examination performed by the Company physician before the beginning of his engagement with the Company and then he/she shall present the following documents:

  • Identity card
  • Report on the previous employment

fter joining the Company a new employee shall be introduced into their new team and acquainted with the following key documents which are necessary for their activities within the Company:

  • Working rules of the Company
  • Organizational rules
  • Company rewarding system
  • Quality management system
  • Work safety and fire protection training
  • Specific internal rules applicable for individual work places.

Before a new employee starts at their final working position, they usually go through a practical training in the production in order to learn about the production special features and about the internal organization of the Company. If required by the nature of the position, the new employee is assigned a trainer who accompanies him in the first month of work in the Company and is then involved in the initial assessment of the worker before the expiry of the probationary period.