Kasper Kovo s.r.o. has created great conditions for the welding of all common materials. All welding operations are performed with professional welding aggregates and systemic welding benches.

In manufacturing, there are separated welding stations for welding of standard materials and stainless steel, which are divided according to individual production programs to ensure that the specific products are processed by stable staff.

The welding of pressure vessels is a specific area where the production efficiency is ensured by the use of semi-automatic machines and positioning equipment. Welding of strength joints in pressure vessels of large sizes up to 4m is carried out using an ESAB welding robot

Welded material:

  • Class 11 steel
  • Class 17 steel
  • Aluminium (AL mg 3)

Welding Methods:

  • MIG, MAG;
  • TIG - AC/DC;
  • Wrapped electrode welding;
  • Condenser welding of clamping bolts;
  • Resistance welding of clamping bolts;
  • Point resistance welding;
  • Semi-automatic welding of air chambers;
  • Welding arm ESAB for welding of pressure vessels using the UP method (under the flux) up to the diameter of 4m
  • Mechanic Welding of pressure wessels
  • Welding robots Cloos and Migatronic

The welding school provides for continuous welder qualification growth and for the introduction of new procedures and technologies. All welding personnel are subject to the EWT supervision.