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We produce pressure vessels that are stable for various types of working media and for customer specified pressures and temperatures of 0.5 l to 30 m3 to 3000 mm cylindrical vessel diameters.
Presentation of pressure vessels production

We can supply pressure vessels according to the requirements:

  • 2014/68 / EU - European Pressure Equipment Directive with the design standard EN 13445 for pressure vessels or EN 13480 for pipeline parts
  • 2014/29 / EU - European directive for simple pressure vessels
  • ASME CODE Sec. VIII Div. 1 with U-stamp (or Um-stamp)
  • GOST R, pressure vessel in the Russian market
  • for seagoing vessels approved by major certification bodies such as LR, BV, ABS, DNV, RINA and others.

The containers are made of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our design department completely processes the production documentation including static and dynamic strength calculations.

We offer standard surfaces in wet or powder coating systems.

Simple pressure vessels (air tanks)

Containers serve as compressed air or nitrogen storage in industrial plants, trucks or rolling stock.
We produce them as standard in volumes from 4 to 1000 l and with a maximum working pressure of up to 16 bar. Within the framework of the applicable standards, the container parameters can be adapted to the wishes of the customer.

All simple pressure vessel product lines comply with European Directive 2014/29 / EU and the relevant design and manufacturing standard EN 286-1, EN 286-2, EN 286-3, EN 286-4.

The coating system can be applied outside and inside the containers.

Single-way air tank / pressure vessel

order number   type       capacity (l)     diameter (mm)     lengh (mm)    sleeves number M22x1,5 
  weight (kg)  
FAQU-KTR9110-37 12/0 12 206 424 1/1/1 4,82
FAQU-KTR9110-30 20/0 20 206 669 1/1/1 7,29
FAQU-KTR9110-72 30/0 30 276 589 1/1/1 9,68
FAQU-KTR9110-03 30/2 30 276 590 2/1/1 9,82
FAQU-KTR9110-70 40/0 40 276 749 1/1/1 11,84
FAQU-KTR9110-04 40/2 40 276 750 2/1/1 11,99


Double-way air tank / pressure vessel

order number  type    capacity (l)   diameter (mm)   lengh (mm)   sleeves number M22x1,5 
 weight (kg) 
FAQU-KTR9110-81  14/14/9  14/14 276 587 2/2/1+1 11,45
FAQU-KTR9110-16  20/10/9  20/10 276 590 2/2/1+1 11,49

Working medium:                            
compressed air
Maximum operating overpressure:  
8,5 BAR(g)
Maximum working temperature:   
 -45/80 °C  

Water tanks for vehicles

Tanks for these applications are typically stainless steel, usually equipped with radiators with thermostats, level sensors and other customer-specific accessories. The cartridges are properly delivered with synthetic rubber insulation.

The tanks are manufactured according to the design standard EN 13445 according to Directive 2014/68 / EU.

Fuel tanks for buses or cars

These are non-pressurized tanks in a particular design, e.g. additional fuel tanks for buses. As a rule, these are aluminum containers of various sizes, which are manufactured in small series according to the specific requirements of the customer.

Oil tanks

These are non-pressurized angle tanks in a particular design, e.g. additional oil tanks for lifting equipment (cranes), etc. These are typically carbon steel tanks of different sizes, which are mass produced according to the customer's specific specifications.

Stainless steel container without pressure

The containers are suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, food or chemical industries. As a rule, these are stainless steel containers of various sizes, which are manufactured according to customer specifications.

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Presentation of pressure vessels production

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