Project Shark


The Shark project represents all activities related to the restructuring measures that we started up in 2015 in the areas of management, organization, human resources and implementation of the lean business principles at both KASPER KOVO premises.


The Shark graphics

Why a shark symbolism for an internal project in our company?

This symbol was chosen by the implementation team for the evolutionary perfection of this cartilaginous fish, which is perfect, efficient and beautiful after millions of years of evolution. For these properties, we chose the shark as an example for our work on this project.

The shark symbol comes from the workshop of the sculptor Michal Gabriel, who is for example the author of so called "Cats" in front of the UFFO Trutnov Cultural Centre. The sculptor created for us a graphic image that will accompany the project implementation of lean business processes. The culmination of our collaboration will be the production of a life-size shark sculpture made of stainless steel, whose production will be fully realized by KASPER KOVO and directed by Mr. Gabriel himself. This exceptional sculpture will be located at our headquarters.

Presentation of the project activities

  1. 5S System implementation

This is a process of reorganization of workplaces and material flow so as to reduce waste due to inefficient operations caused by searching and inefficient ergonomics. Individual workplaces will be standardized in order to be absolutely uncluttered and so that all production and other sections workers should always have at disposal everything they need for their work.

The process aim is to create the conditions for the quality and customer service improvement and the productivity increase.

KK Obrazky5s

  1. Creating the culture focused on health and safety and ergonomics

When updating the company's strategy we promoted safety and ergonomics to be our main priority. Therefore, within the 5S development at individual workplaces, these areas will be specifically addressed in order to get the safety to a significantly higher level. Occupational safety must become a part of our work culture without a compromise.

These activities will have an impact on all visitors and contractors operating in our plants, who will always be equipped with protective equipment to eliminate the risk. For this purpose, an instruction manual containing all the necessary instructions has been issued.

Safety is also one of the areas that are daily monitored by the management as part of the Shop Floor Management.


  1. Shop Floor Management

This is a transfer of planning and manufacturing operations time-flow management to the shop-floor level and workplaces. A system of short meetings at individual departments will be set-up, allowing for a simple management process when only the key problems to solve will be transferred to the level of line-managers. A useful tool for these meetings will be a simple visualization system of problems and their flexible solutions.

This system penetrates the whole organizational structure all the way to the top management with the aim to make business processes and problem solving significantly more flexible. This will result in a major improvement of the quality of service we provide to our customers in terms of higher reliability and supply flexibility.

  1. Employee training process improvement

To cope with constantly increasing demands for qualified personnel, development of employee training at all levels, from production workers to management, is the key. Intensive training process will lead to improvement of departmental management, communication and problem-solving system.

In 2015 intensive training process at all levels started as part of lean business implementation, and it will continue under the management of human resources manager. This is an important step in the further development of all activities within the lean business since the increase of existing staff activities and especially involvement of new employees in these processes will require extensive initial and consequent training.

KK Studenti

  1. Set-up of regular employee satisfaction survey system

The aim is to create a system of continuous monitoring of the employee satisfaction level and identification of problems and their causes. The reason for this activity is the interest of the owners to make the company an attractive employer, offering not only interesting salary conditions, but also pleasant working and team-work environment.

As part of this project, a major survey was made at the beginning of 2016, which can be used as a starting point for the measuring of the results of these activities in the future.

KK Img3006 Cela Firma

Project activities time frame

Kk Cz Harmonogram