KASPER GROUP is a significant sponsor of a wide range of cultural and sporting activities in the Trutnov region with the aim to develop local culture and sport. Major areas include support of the following cultural events and sports teams.

“I appreciate the long-standing support of Mr. Rudolf Kasper and the KASPER companies, which is directed towards a number of areas of the life in our town, namely culture and sports, but also education. The fact that there are companies and entrepreneurs who live in the symbiosis with their place of business and who are able and willing to support this harmony and their town on a long-term basis proves that we live in a healthy and functional society. I would therefore like to thank Mr. Kasper and his companies, congratulate them on the twenty-fifth anniversary of their establishment and wish them good luck and success in the years to come.”


Mgr. Ivan Adamec, the Mayor of Trutnov


 “It has been just over seven years since we opened the hub of Trutnov culture, the back then completely new Uffo Theatre. Over the years it has brought a lot of varied and I believe also profound experiences for Trutnov citizens and others. Mr. Rudolf Kasper and KASPER companies have been supporting Uffo since its beginning and in the meantime this support has reached the extent that is exceptional in comparable and often even larger towns. Such support gives us the courage to do our work without compromises and to do it to our best. Our goal is to enrich and improve the lives of as many citizens as possible, as well as to spread the good reputation of our beautiful town both in the Czech Republic and abroad. I would like to thank Mr. Kasper for that opportunity and wish his companies many at least as successful quarter-centuries to come.”

MgA. Libor Kasík, Director of the Trutnov regional centre of culture and free time


We support the following cultural projects and institutions:


UFFO – General Partner

Trutnov town gallery – General Partner

Broumov region development agency – Golden Partner

Jazzinec - Main Partner

Music festival Za poklady Broumovska – General Partner

Police Symphony Orchestra – Main Partner