"KASPER annually sponsors our school in the form of a financial donation and the provision of metal material for teaching. The financial donation is used to acquire above-standard equipment for workshops as well as for the special award of the best students in the "Engineer of the Year" and "Toll-maker of the Year" competitions. In 2017, a 3D printer and a digital measuring system for a CNC milling machine was purchased from the donation to support hands-on education and imagination of our students. Being able to award students prizes in competitions increases the motivation of students to participate in such competitions and to achieve the best results. In my view, a special way of sponsorship is the possibility offered to our students to have their apprenticeship at KASPER and thus gain practical experience in the area of modern manufacturing technologies."

Ing. Ladislav Sauer, Headmaster of SPŠ Trutnov (Secondary Technical School)


We support the following institutions:


SPŠ Trutnov - (Secondary Technical School Trutnov) - Partner

Základní umělecká škola Trutnov - (Trutnov Art School) - Partner

Junák, středisko Hraničář - (Scout) - partner